CentreState Completes 2016 VicRoads Northern Region Supply and Placement of Asphalt Contract


Centre State Asphalting (CSA) undertook large-scale modifications to its asphalt plant in the second half of 2015 to enable the manufacture of a full range of VicRoads mixes, and recycle waste products.  This enabled CSA to target and successfully secure the VicRoads Northern Region annual maintenance contract for the first time in early 2016. We began on 6 January, with a due date of completion achieved on 14 May 2016.

The challenge with undertaking this contract, which involved 25,140 tonnes of asphalt with 20SI, 10SMAH, 14HP, 14H, 10H, 10OG and 20SP mixes, was the detailed planning and compliance with exacting VicRoads contractual requirements over a broad location of pavements from Swan Hill to the Calder Highway near Gisborne. It also required 21,870m2 of spray sealing (10mm Geo Seal and 10mm SAMI).

Every pavement location was unique in terms of stakeholder management, risk profile, and construction requirements. In particular, a large segment of the works was scheduled to be undertaken at night within Bendigo itself, requiring careful traffic management and residential/business liaison. In addition, CSA manufactured and placed stone mastic asphalt for the first time. Although challenging at first, many valuable lessons and improved construction techniques were quickly acquired throughout the contract and delivered successfully.